10 Japanese Foods That Aren’t Sushi Or Ramen That You Should Totally Give A Try

Ramen as well as sushi are great however there are so many various other fantastic Japanese foods to try. As well as while we’re in the mood for attempting new points, give GEICO a shot! See how much you might minimize cars and truck insurance policy by changing today.

  1. Takoyaki
    Takoyaki is a road food you can find all over Japan however it stemmed in Osaka. It is basically items of octopus fried inside batter and covered with different components like takoyaki sauce, seaweed, fish, and mayo flakes.
  2. Okonomiyaki
    A type of “relative” to takoyaki is okonomiyaki. You can think about it as a savory pancake constructed from cabbage and also batter, and also topped with pork, sauce, and various other tasty condiments. “Okonomi” suggests “as you like it” in Japanese, so you can personalize this dish in several means. You can make Kansai style (active ingredients mixed with each other) or Hiroshima style (components layered).
  3. Nikujaga
    If you like meat as well as potatoes, after that you need to attempt nikujaga, which actually equates to meat as well as potatoes! It’s a stew that’s typically cooked at home since it’s easy as well as hearty to make. One more ingredient that frequents nikujaga is konnyaku noodles, which is made from konjac (similar to taro).
  4. Donburi
    There are numerous types of donburi, or rice bowls, that you ‘d nearly be particular to locate one you such as. Each donburi consists of a bowl of rice with a type of protein laid on top. Visualized over is katsudon, deep-fried pork cutlet as well as propel top of rice. A few other examples are ligament (various tempura), oyakodon (hen as well as egg), and also gyudon (beef).
  5. Oden
    On a cold winter’s day, you may desire to try a steaming pot of oden, a calming stew made with dashi, a Japanese broth. Buying from a food stall or ease shop is a great way to attempt different ingredients, as you pay per each private component.
  6. Tamago Kake Gohan
    Tamago kake gohan is merely a raw egg consumed in addition to a bowl of cozy rice, sometimes with soy sauce or other dressings. Because of their strict rules on egg manufacturing, raw eggs are actually quite safe to eat in Japan. While you might not desire to eat a raw egg generally, take the opportunity to attempt tamago kake gohan if you ever go to Japan!
  7. Kushikatsu/Kushiage
    Another food from Osaka is kushikatsu (additionally recognized as kushiage). It’s a fun type of food to eat with a group of people so you can order a selection plate as well as share with every person.
  8. Taiyaki
    Taiyaki is an additional road food you can normally find at Japanese events. It’s a fish-shaped waffle/pancake-like treat usually loaded with wonderful red bean paste, yet one more prominent filling is custard!
  9. Dango
    You may have attempted mochi prior to however have you ever tried dango? They are really similar but while mochi is made with entire rice grains, dango is made from rice flour. Shown in the photo over is mitarashi dango, one of one of the most preferred varieties. The little rice balls are put onto sticks, barbequed, and also covered in a wonderful soy sauce, so you get a beautiful pleasant and also mouthwatering experience when eating it.
  10. Anmitsu
    Anmitsu is a traditional Japanese dessert that includes a range of components perfectly placed in a bowl. The cornerstones are generally red bean paste (anko), agar/kanten jelly cubes, dango (which you found out about above), fruits, and a brownish sugar syrup called mitsu soaked top. Anmitsu is usually consumed during the summer as it is served chilly and some dishes even include ice creamery near me.